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What do I get for my money?

Applic Security is two fold: you get a control which you can add to your application and you get access to our website which is where you create the licenses for your users.

We don't charge for maintenance updates but we do reserve the right to charge for major updates in the future. For example, when Microsoft release a new version of Windows, we will thoroughly test our product with it. If it requires major upgrades we may need to charge for these.

Here are your purchasing options.

  1. A one off payment of $299 gets you everything for as long as you need it. That's the control (and class library for Mono development) plus web hosting for as many licenses as you need.
  2. (No Paypal account is needed, credit cards can also be entered on the above link. To pay by cheque or other methods, please contact us.)

  3. Don't pay anything until you know you have a viable product! So we provide both the control and the website for FREE and you pay nothing until you start making money yourself! Just fill in these details and we'll email you a license and the download links for the ActiveX control and the Mono Class Library. (And we promise not to spam you or give your email address to anyone else!)
  4. Name:

Buy with peace of mind; we stand behind the following promises:

We're here to support you from start to deployment and beyond with free 24/7 email support.

You do not pay us anything until you know the product works and is making you money.