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Method GetLicenseStatus
   Integer GetLicenseStatus ( )

Gets the current state of the license on the system.

Usage: IntegerValue = <SecurityObject>.GetLicenseStatus()

Return Value: The value returned is in the range 0 to 8 where:
0 = Unknown
1 = Licensed
2 = Demo
3 = Not Licensed
4 = Demo Expired
5 = License Expired
6 = Tampered
7 = Revoked
8 = Invalidated

Unknown suggests the software has not been used previously (ActivateSecurity has not been run). LicenseExpired means that the date on the system has passed the expiry date. Tampered can mean 1 of 2 things, either someone has set the system clock back to gain more time before the expiry date (or by accident), or it can mean that the stored license data doesn't seem correct. Revoked will occur if the user or the license has been deleted from the website. Invalidated will occur when the Invalidate method has been called.