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Below are the properties and methods which are available and changeable for the application licensing (security) control. Click on the function to see a fuller description and code sample.


Getting Started - Instructions and sample code to get you started.

Distribution Guidance - When you distribute your application, you also need to distribute the AppLic control.

Sample Code - Download sample code

.Net Developer Instructions - Instructions for integrating the control into a .Net application.

Mono Developer Instructions - Instructions for integrating the control into a Mono (Mac, Linux, Android) application.


String ApplicationCode - Uniquely defines the application.

String CustomData - Store any specific data to your application

Boolean DefaultDialogs - When applying a license you have the choice of using predefined dialogs or using your own.

Integer DemoLength - How long the user can use the application before having to register it.

Integer DemoType - The demo is either a number of days or a number of uses.

Integer HttpPort - For activation online. Default is port 80.

String Identifier - The name given to the system identifier. Default is 'Fingerprint'

String InformationXLabel - When unlocking online you have the option of collecting up to 4 pieces of information from the user.

String InformationXValue - If unlocking online not using the default dialogs you will need to capture your own information and use this function to present it to the control.

Boolean InformationXVisible - Which of the four options you want to present to the user.

String InternetUnlockAddress - The location the control will look to activate the license.

String LicenseKeyLabel - If unlocking online and using the default dialogs, this value defaults to 'License Key'

Integer NumberOfStrikes - Describes the sensitivity of identifying the system.

String OfflineUnlockMessage - The message which is displayed on the default activation dialogs when activating the license over the phone or via email.

String OnlineActivationMessage - The message displayed on the default dialogs when unlocking remotely over the internet.

String ServerPassword - For activation online if using your own server and it needs authentication..

String ServerUsername - For activation online if using your own server and it needs authentication.


Integer ActivateSecurity ( ) - The most important function of the control. Checks the license and if invalid displays the unlock dialogs.

void ForceActivation ( ) - Displays the activation dialogs even if the license is activated or the demo is still valid.

String GetExpiryDate ( ) - Returns the expiry date (if there is one) in the format yyyymmdd.

String GetFeatureCode ( ) - Returns the feature code set during activation.

String GetFingerprint (Boolean bFormatted ) - Returns the unique identifier for the system.

String GetFirstUseDate ( ) - Returns the date the software was first used on the machine.

String GetLicenseKey ( ) - Returns the license key used for unlocking online.

Integer GetLicenseStatus ( ) - Returns the current state of the license whether licensed, in demo, revoked etc

Integer GetRemainingDemo ( ) - Returns the number of days or the number of uses remaining before the demo expires.

Integer GetUsageCount ( ) - Returns the number of times the ActivateSecurity function has been called and therefore how many times the software has been opened.

Integer GetUsesSinceLastOnline ( ) - Returns the number of times the software has been used since last connected to the internet

void Invalidate ( ) - Invalidates the license forcing the user to activate the license again.

void SetActivationCode (String sActivationCode ) - If unlocking offline and using your own dialogs you will need to set this value.

void SetLicenseKey (String sLicenseKey ) - If unlocking online but using your own dialogs you will need to set this value.