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Method GetFeatureCode
   String GetFeatureCode ( )

Once the license has been activated successfully, if a feature code has been set on the website it will be returned to the system running the software.

Usage: StringValue = <SecurityObject>.GetFeatureCode()

Return Value: A string value signifying which features you want to turn on or off.

The feature code can be set or changed on the website at any point before or after activation and the next time ActivateSecurity is called and the user is connected to the internet, any changes to the ExpiryDate or FeatureCode are overwritten on the local machine.

Sample (VBA) Code:
If InStr(1, sFeatureCode, "22") > 0 Then
   'Do Something
If Mid(sFeatureCode, 5, 1) = "1" Then
   'e.g. This is the Pro version of your software
ElseIf Mid(sFeatureCode, 5, 1) = "2" Then
   'e.g. This is the Basic version of your software
   'This is the free version
End If