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Mono Developer Instructions

Integration and deployment of Applic Security using the Class Library is simple.

After downloading the control unpack the zip file and put the dll in an appropriately memorable location. Add the library to your refences within your development environment (Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, Xamarin, etc).
Add the line: using AppLicLibrary; to the top of your startup form's code. Now you can define and instantiate the object, for example:
Define the object: private CAppLicControl m_AppLic;
. . .
Instantiate the object within the home form's constructor: m_AppLic = new CAppLicControl();

You can then proceed as described elsewhere with development of the licensing of your application:
m_AppLic.ApplicationCode = "<my_random_code>"
int iReturn = m_AppLic.ActivateSecurity();

. . .

Don't forget, as always, to save any confusion, contact us to ask any questions about development or deployment.